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The price of services is determined on a case-by-case basis, it depends on the type of activity of your company, the size of the business, the amount of documents to be received and sent, the amount of long-term investment, the number of employees and other factors.

Definition of a single operation – 1 bank transaction, 1 invoice or bill of lading, 1 expense check, salary calculation for 1 employee, as well as each additional necessary entry in the accounting system (eg depreciation/ paper transaction, creation of fixed asset card, write-off of fixed assets, offsetting, cash orders, etc.) accounted for by the accounting program.

Indicative service prices

Number of journal (accounting) entries Amount, EUR per month   
Blank reports 15.00
1-20 17.00-40.00
21-50 42.00-100.00
51-80 102.00-160.00
81-100 162.00-200.00
101-130  202.00-260.00
131-150  262.00-300.00
151-170 302.00-340.00
171-200 342.00-400.00
 Over 200 by agreement

Preparation and submission of the annual report to the SRS - one month fee.
We offer an agreement on monthly fixed prices. Prices are reviewed twice a year.

Free of charge to the clients:

  • Verification of source documents;
  • Tax calculation;
  • Preparation and submission of all types of reports to the SRS, the Statistics Board and other state institution upon request;
  • Accounting of working time and calculation of salary for up to three employees;
  • Calculation of royalty fees for an unlimited number;
  • Reports of accounts receivable/payable;
  • Fixed asset reports and creation of fixed asset cards;
  • Drawing up of inventory statements
  • Transfer of comparison statements to the debtors/creditors;
  • Preparation of operational balance.

If you are not a client:

  • Preparation of the annual report - from EUR 120.00;
  • Preparation of operational balance - from EUR 80.00;
  • Development of accounting policy - EUR 150.00.


Consultations on accounting, financial, tax and record keeping issues: 1 question by e-mail - 15 euros

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