Full cycle bookkeeping reports

Accounting is the process of identifying, measuring and disclosing financial information to enable users of this information to make informed decisions. The main user of information is the SRS and other state institutions.

Information is obtained from documents confirming the company's operations - bills of lading, invoices, checks, orders, etc. The bookkeeper collects, processes and stores this information - these are the company's business transactions. A company may engage in various transactions that are not related to its economic activities. This type of information also needs to be processed. 

From the obtained data, the bookkeeper prepares reports and submits them to the SRS within the specified deadlines (also, to the Statistics Board and the bank - if requested).

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  • Law on Accounting;
  • Law on Annual Accounts and Consolidated Annual Accounts;
  • Cabinet Regulation No. 775 "Regulations on the Application of the Law on Annual Reports and Consolidated Annual Accounts";
  • Cabinet Regulation No. 585 "Regulations on Accounting and Organization";
  • Cabinet Regulation No. 584 "Regulations on Cash Operation Reports";
  • Cabinet Regulation No. 399 "Regulations regarding the Form of Electronic Copies of Financial Statements Prepared by Companies or Consolidated Financial Statements";
  • Various regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers according to the specifics of the company's economic activity.
  • Organisation and formation of accounting documents;
  • Verification and processing of source documents;
  • Preparation and submission of tax reports to the SRS;
  • Preparation and submission of the annual report to the SRS;
  • Preparation of operational balance, if required;
  • Preparation and submission of statistical reports;
  • Financial and management reports.
  • Calculation of salaries, holiday pays;
  • Calculation of royalty fees;
  • Accounting of fixed assets;
  • Preparation of annual reports;
  • Calculation of business travel expenses;
  • Bookkeeping reports on international markets;
  • Other accounting services, unlisted here.
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