Record keeping

Document management (record keeping) is a systematic process based on specific knowledge in document preparation and management.

The company should have procedures (instructions) for the organization of the record-keeping process, which also determine the course of documents and what internal regulatory enactments and in which cases are issued by the head of the company.

Personnel document management (personnel record keeping) is an important part of personnel management, which no employer can give up on a daily basis. Employees need to be hired, terminated, monthly salaries and internal agendas need to be set, tasks delegated, employees need to be sent on business trips, and there are many other issues in need of attention.

Organizational structure - a representation of the organizational hierarchy, in which the links of cooperation between employees are indicated. The list of positions and structure scheme are the basic documents on which the work organization of the business is based, the links of cooperation, the levels of subordination are reflected.

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  • Law on the legal force of a document:
  • Cabinet Regulation No. 558 "Procedures for Development and Execution of Documents, Law on Electronic Documents;
  • Section 7 of the Law on "Accounting";
  • Section 67 of the Administrative Procedure Law
  • Administrative documents;
  • Order documents;
  • Correspondence documents;
  • Staff documents;
  • Document derivatives;
  • Registration and course of documents.
  • Certificate;
  • Power of attorney;
  • Deed;
  • Protocol;
  • Letter of reply;
  • Letter of guarantee.