Urgent matters

Latvian tax legislation has always been quite complicated and is becoming increasingly complex. A growing number of things are required of a legal entity. It is not enough to have the ability to make journal entries, to calculate and declare taxes payable, to pay them on time, not to make mistakes in mathematics or logic. It is necessary to be able to analyze information, be up to date on legal nuances, know record keeping.

For many small businesses, accounting is done by the business owner himself. Then, due to lack of time or incomplete knowledge, a situation arises when something has not been calculated, a report has not been submitted to the SRS, the need for the submission of an annual report is forgotten. There comes a moment when SRS reminders start to materialize in threats. Then, well, you scramble what you can.

In such urgent situations, the Haldis team comes to the rescue and together all these menacing "clouds" are pushed away.

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